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Born in Borneo.
East Malaysia.

Business Support Agency

For some time now East Malaysia has been brewing and itching to take on another level in business and development. We at JUMPA believe that the best way for the place to thrive, have an environment that encourages entrepreneurship and attract big corporations, is to have a good supporting cast. One that can usher in a new way of thinking and professionalism when it comes to servicing clients looking for a certain quality and standard.

We are part of that cast, standing proud along new and exciting startups locally established. This company was born in the spirit of connecting networks and growing together, hence the name JUMPA which bears a dual meaning of "to meet" or "to find" in Bahasa, which we think articulates the essence of this company perfectly. That said, we are a dedicated and passionate group that will ensure JUMPA clients gets top-tier professional service, catering to what you need, and more. So, let's jumpa.


Marketing & Public Relations

Online or offline, from brand activation, advertising, social media to events. We specialize in getting your business heard and creating real connections with your customers.


Media Production

Professional video, photo, graphic design and copywriting services. All are essential to create a lasting presence in today’s competitive market. Our media team is ready to assist.


Web Development

Hassle-free website creation for your business. A basic need, every enterprise should have a domain online. With our custom modules, it is easier than ever for you to get started.


Our services are tailor-made for your needs. Whether you are part of a small business or a large corporation, our wide and customisable range of solutions will cater to your specific needs and budget. Get in touch for free consultations with us and we will assess the rest.

Marketing & Public Relations

Social media management

Keep your socials active and engage with your audience.


Digital or conventional, from Facebook to newspapers, we will help you place your ad where it matters.


Create media that is cohesive and in-line with your branding.


Making sure your events flow as smooth as silk from setup to tear-down.


More than just talking, it is about getting your points across cohesively and effectively.

Media Production

Video production

The story-telling tool of choice. Tell your brand’s story in a 10-second ad or a 10-minute feature.


Compelling images to capture your audience’s attention.


A good eye for design is essential when creating anything, be it a brochure or a full-sized billboard.


Writing but better.

Web Development


Keep your domain up and running with our shared servers.

Web Management

Actual people dedicated to keep your site operational and updated.

Web Design

Bring your brand into the digital world with our custom designs.


Coding your site up from the ground up.

Our Clients

We have experience working with clients in many different sectors.


Your information is safe with us. Jumpa is committed to ensure your privacy is protected and will only be used in accordance to our privacy policy. By filling out this form you agree to be contacted by a JUMPA representative.

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