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About Us

Born in Sabah. Borneo. East Malaysia. 

For some time now East Malaysia has been brewing and itching to take on another level in business and development. We at JUMPA believe that the best way for the place to thrive, have an environment that encourages entrepreneurship and attract big corporations, is to have a good supporting cast. One that can usher in a new way of thinking and professionalism when it comes to servicing clients looking for a certain quality and standard. We are part of that cast, standing proud along new and exciting startups locally established. This company was born in the spirit of connecting networks and growing together, hence the name JUMPA which bears a dual meaning of "to meet" or "to find" in Bahasa, which we think articulates the essence of this company perfectly. That said, we are a dedicated and passionate group that will ensure JUMPA clients gets top-tier professional service, catering to what you need, and more. So, let's jumpa. 


Lot 11, 2nd Floor, Lido Plaza,
Jalan Nosoob-Hungab,
88300, Penampang, Sabah.


Phone: +6016 873 4966